LCHF and ADHD - Lachlan's story, did it help?

LCHF and ADHD – did it help?

I had trialed Lachlan on a couple of different ‘diet’ approaches* in the hopes that we could manage his ADHD symptoms without medication. Unfortunately, it hadn’t made any difference and I was still stuck between thinking “he’s just a boy” and “there’s got to be something causing this behaviour”. It was doing my head in! […]

Our Naturopath’s approach to natural ADHD treament

We wanted a natural ADHD treatment for our son, Lachlan. So, after failing to see results with the Failsafe diet, we took the leap and booked in to see a Naturopath. What did the appointment involve? Our Naturopath  practices iridology, which means that he looked into Lachie’s eyes to assess his health. I must say, […]

Is the F.A.I.L.S.A.F.E Diet… Failsafe?

When I suspected that Lachie might have ADHD… many people would say to me “he’s only 5” or “he’s a boy”. It was true, but I just couldn’t help but think there was something more to it. My mother’s instinct told me that if there was something in his way, something blocking him from reaching his potential, then I just HAD to find out what that was.