ADHD is a mindfuck

ADHD is a mindfuck

My son was diagnosed with ADHD. They suggested medication. But I refused. Instead, I chose to explore other options. I tried diets that didn’t work. I gave up. “This is just who he is.” Sigh. Then I stumbled across a different diet. Tried it. Failed. Sigh. Then the magic happened. We saw a Naturopath. With a […]

stealing and lying: why our adhd kiddos do it

Stealing and lying: why our ADHD kiddos do it

“Did you touch these?” my husband asked me, gesturing to the chewing gum on his desk. “Nope” I replied, feeling heavy and disappointed. We both knew where the missing gum went. Why did we have to go through this again now… on the night before his birthday. *sigh* Do all kids steal? I wondered this […]

10 things to try before medicating your adhd child

10 things to try before medication

“Yes, its ADHD. How do you feel about medication?” My husband and I did not want to medicate our son. At least not without trying something else first. We wanted to try dietary changes, but the Pediatrician said “there’s no science in it”. We knew that there was nothing more that the system could do for […]

ultimate guide to helping kids make healthy food choices

The ultimate guide to helping kids make healthy food choices (and my free printable)

“But I don’t like that!” Is this a common phrase in your house at dinner time? It is almost impossible to get the kids to eat healthy at the best of times, but when you are dealing with the extra challenges of ADHD… you feel like giving up! The Ultimate Guide I am often asked […]

scanning a label for food additives with a magnifying glass

Food Additives – for better or for worse

There are so many additives in our food these days. Most of them are numbers or big words that we cannot pronounce. So what are all of these things, why are they in our food and are they safe?


Artificial Colours – the ADHD link

We eat with our eyes… food is more appealing if it looks good (okay, it helps if it smells good too). This is why food companies will add colouring to foods – to make them more pleasing to the eye. But does it come with a cost to our children? The ADHD Link There are […]

Managing ADHD – Can food really help?

Has your child been diagnosed with ADHD or do you suspect that he or she may have ADHD. You have probably heard that it is a behavioural condition that is not completely understood. What is clear though, is that the brain of an ADHD child is hardwired differently to his or her peers. ADHD is often hereditary. You will be able to manage the symptoms of irritability, inattentiveness and hyperactivity with medication, but you cannot cure your child’s ADHD, it is a part of who they are.