ADHD is a mindfuck

ADHD is a mindfuck

My son was diagnosed with ADHD. They suggested medication. But I refused.

Instead, I chose to explore other options. I tried diets that didn’t work. I gave up. “This is just who he is.” Sigh.

Then I stumbled across a different diet. Tried it. Failed. Sigh.

Then the magic happened. We saw a Naturopath.

With a new diet approach, and natural supplements to support his healing, we eventually saw improved behaviour. WINNING!

Yet… ADHD is a mindfuck!

Second guessing your choices

Everything is going GREAT. The boy is behaving (mostly… let’s face it… he’s still a kid, and a boy at that!)


Then you get invited to a birthday party.

Then the head goes….

“I’ll have to pack food for the day, there’s no way he could handle THAT much sugar and crap food.”

Groan. Can I really be bothered?

That’s extra time, extra money. None of which I really have right now. “Just pack a salad, a muffin & a packet of popcorn… the popcorn is a treat anyway. He knows the drill, it’ll be fine.”

But there will be lollies, cake, chips… “Oh, I can’t even think about what else might be there.”

Fairy bread? Sausage rolls? “I couldn’t possibly be prepared for that anyway, salad it is… that’s what he has any other day.”

But this isn’t any other day. This is a party. “Maybe I should ask what food is going to be there?”

I’ll stop there… this usually goes on for a while.

Eventually I come to a decision. More often than not, we take our own food.

And then sometimes I give in at the party and still let him have something. It’s a party after all. Right?

ADHD is a mindfuck!

Second guessing your second-guessed choices

Okay, okay… so he’s acting a bit silly. That’s to be expected, he’s had an overload of sugar, preservatives, and god knows what else.

See, that wasn’t too bad, he’s calmed down a bit now.

Day 3 (realising that all I’ve done is talk all morning). “Stop finding things to talk about and just do your jobs. When you talk, you stop. I’ll talk to you after you’ve done your morning jobs.”

Why did I do it? It’s starting.

Next morning. “I don’t have any socks, Mum.” “Well I did the washing yesterday” hmmmm come to think of it… I don’t remember folding any of his socks. Better check his drawer, he’s probably having a male look. “Why are all of your dirty socks in your cupboard? And why is there a lunch box in here? Oh, gross! It’s crawling.”

Why why why why why?!

Why did I do it? I knew this would happen.

“You don’t have to be in control, let your sister do it her way. You’re supposed to be doing something else anyway. Just stay out of it please.”

Why did I do it?

“Why do you have food left in your lunchbox?” “Well why didn’t you do your work in class?”

Why did I do it?

Day 6. “I think I’m finally getting him back. He seems to be getting better.”

Nope! Oh, maybe… Nope! Argh!!!!!!!!!!!!! “How can there be so much hot & cold on a single day?!”

I know I always lose my helpful, happy boy for at least a week when I do it.

Why did I do it?

ADHD is a mindfuck!

When others second guess your choices

He’s a good kid. Just a little bit can’t hurt. It’s natural. The other kids are all having it.


He’s a good kid because I don’t let him have it. Just a little can hurt. It comes in a packet and has preservatives, it’s not natural. Oh, as if I don’t already have enough Mummy guilt….

And the worst part? Most of this is just how I expect people are thinking. I’m creating half of my own drama!

Tell me I’m not the only one to experience this?

ADHD is a mindfuck!

Trying to figure it out

It’s always the way with kids isn’t it? Right from birth. As they are learning and growing as babies, they throw a challenge.  You figure them out. Then they throw a new one.

It’s still the same. Only now you understand it. Yet you don’t. And the struggle just doesn’t go away.

ADHD is a constant mindfuck!


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